Evada studio extended beta is ready for testing

The evadastudio team is pleased to announce that the public beta release of the app is now available.

This beta release is made available to allow a broad user base to test and evaluate evada studio web application.

If you are a regular user of project management systems, here's a great opportunity to help us make the best application for your needs. Use for free, enjoy all features and please send us your feedback. Users who test and send us their feedback during the extended beta version will be rewarded for their participation with up to 1 year of premium usage.

At this stage, evada studio status is perpetual beta, which we prefer to call extended beta. This means that the beta testing will run for a longer period of time and we will announce the beta period end date with at least 30 days before. Also there will be a free 30 day period after the extended period ends.The pricing for using our software will be aproximately $10 per user/month.

Behind the scenes we're still working on improving the web application and implement all feedbacks received during the focused beta testing, so you may experience sudden changes. Thanks and let's create awesomness together.